Earles House – Best Pub In The UK

Earles House – Best Pub In The UK

Free Happy friends clinking mugs of beer on Saint Patricks Day Stock PhotoThe UK abounds with traditional as well as modern pubs and bars, from Soho haunts to Jack the Ripper’s favorite haunts. The best pubs in the UK are probably not the ones you think of as classic, great, British pubs. Quirky? There are. Off center? Yes. Wherever you go in the UK, Earles House makes you feel right at home.

Prohibition meets modern class at a New York-style Soho drink stop.

Make your way there during the day for a laid-back vibe (although reservations are advised, any time of day!), or drop in the night to soak up the ambiance. Their unique mood can be seen in their decor as well as their menu. Find the brass door knocker shaped appropriately into a blind-eyed pig, and settle into a leather banquette with Bulleit Rye or Vesper Vitamin C – just so your routine looks healthy for a drink or two!

An antique – and for good reason.

Free Group of People Gathering Inside Bar Stock PhotoRaise the spirit of Jack the Ripper with some spirits for yourself, which is known as one of the places where he met his victims. The friendly staff and tasty Pimms cocktails blend well with the location, just across from the lively Old Spitalfields Market. Take your drink outside and watch the city go by, and make new friends in the process. The staff combines with the history and the atmosphere to create one of the best pubs in the UK.

Perfect for a rainy day when only a glass of wine and a song from the jukebox will do.

Alcohol prices are high and the atmosphere is enhanced by local customers who spill out into the streets for cocktails and good conversation. Visit Earles for classical music, a glass of Spanish wine, and a relaxed atmosphere as the sun sets.

Excellent food and a great atmosphere that appeals to locals and tourists alike.

A great place to throw back a pint where the stained glass windows and well-worn carpet tell a story. Take a Wednesday or Saturday night to visit this classic pub to sing their piano and get into the spirit (and spirits!) with the crowd, famous for their classic cockney offerings as well as a list play newer.